Information Security Quiz

1. What aspects of the email would you check to make sure it was legitimate?fpg-security-question
2. Anything else?fpg-security-question
3. What does the "https://" at the beginning of a URL denote?
4. Which of the following is an example of a “phishing” attack?
5. Which of the following four passwords is the most secure?
6. Criminal’s access a company’s server/computers and encrypt company files and data. The company is unable to access this data unless they pay the criminals to decrypt the files. This practice is called:
7. Information security is the responsibility of:
8. Spear fishing is:
9. The FIRST objective of a “Security Aware Employee” is to:
10. If a public Wi-Fi network (such as in an airport or café) requires a password to access, is it generally safe to use that network for sensitive activities such as online banking?