FPG’s sister company FPG Security Solutions are now helping the internationally acclaimed Panda attraction at Edinburgh Zoo with the installation of HD IP based CCTV.

Using IndigoVision HD camera technology and “Control Center” software platform, FPGSS have installed a combination of IndigoVision’s HD IP fixed and HD IP PTZ domes  to provide Edinburgh Zoo with the capability to stream High Definition real time images from each of the internal and external Panda enclosures, to their media streaming service.

A single camera from each enclosure will be streamed via IndigoVision’s Internet Streaming Server to RZSS’s Media Streaming Service. Camera selection will be automated using sensors mounted to strategic access/egress points for the Pandas, within their internal/external enclosures.

These sensors in conjunction with IndigoVision’s video analytics  will be configured to ensure that PTZ cameras can be sent automatically to exact locations, based upon motion in a specific area of the scene.  For example, if Yang Guang was to move into the raised platform in the external enclosure, this area would be setup as a trigger to move the PTZ camera onto that location, in close up, and to also switch to the PTZ camera as the active web stream.

Bandwidth is kept to a minimum as a result of IndigoVision’s unique Activity Controlled Frame rate algorithm (ACF).  ACF will dynamically reduce bandwidth during scenes with little or no activity however will boost back up to a given frame rate instantly as soon as motion is detected.  This can reduce bandwidth dramatically whilst having little or no effect upon the scene being streamed resulting in overall reduction in storage.

A single RAID5 Network Video Recorder is installed to provide real time recording of all cameras.  This will enable RZSS to playback / export any specific action for their viewing audience and will maintain an archive of events for up to 60 days.