FPG Kingsway Tunnel

Going Underground with Kingsway Tunnel

The depth of experience and expertise in Tunnel Protection within FPG has once again been acknowledged by securing a contract for the Kingsway Tunnel, Merseyside. At 1.5 miles long the road tunnel runs between Liverpool and Wallasey under the River Mersey. Having completed similar projects for Transport for London (TFL) our brief is to Design, Supply, Install, Test and Commission a Nitrogen or Inert Gas Foam System for the protection of the Mersey Tunnel Mid River Sump.

The system comprises of 22 x 67 litre N2/IG55 Cylinders, 2 off 310 litre water pressure vessels, safety/drain/fill/vent valves & level gauges, 17.5 litre foam tank (20l foam) & Foam Inductor, as well as a 6 point O2 and HC Gas detection system and 3 fixed point EExd IP67 Rate of Rise Compensated Heat Detectors.