Elite Fire Protection Ltd.

Fire safety consultancy, training, surveys and risk assessments are now carried out by Elite Fire Protection Ltd, a part of the Scutum UK Group.


A passive fire protection survey can form part of, or is an extension to, a fire risk assessment required to comply with fire safety legislation. Passive fire protection features restrict the spread of fire and smoke through the flammability of linings, compartmentation of the building and protection of the structural integrity of the building.

Elite Fire’s specialist fire safety consultants conduct surveys to ensure adequate protection is in place to allow for an effective evacuation of the property. Each report is tailored to the client and considerations would be made for wall lining materials, fire doors, compartmentation and fire resistant walls, ceilings and floors.


Compartmentation forms a key part of the fire plan for any building and is an important part of the fire risk assessment process. Correctly managed compartmentation is a legal requirement and prevents the spread of fire and smoke, sub dividing buildings into more manageable areas and providing suitable means of evacuation.

Elite Fire’s fire safety specialists perform compartmentation surveys in new builds as well as existing buildings, examining fire resistance effectiveness of materials and fire doors, and providing a report in an accessible format containing any suggestions for improvement. Involvement is tailored to the needs of the client and a full fire safety management system can be provided to ensure the safety of your assets and staff.

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