Elite Fire Protection Ltd.

Fire safety consultancy, training, surveys and risk assessments are now carried out by Elite Fire Protection Ltd, a part of the Scutum UK Group.


Elite Fire provides a team of specialist fire consultants with expertise in fire safety consultation, ensuring legal compliance across a wide range of business sectors, protecting business continuity, property and life.

Fire safety consultation covers a broad range of issues across new or existing buildings, providing strategies to meet legal compliance and regulations. Typical consultation pertains to fire safety involving people, evacuation, fire compartmentation, construction materials and their effect on fire development, emergency lighting, fire detection, fire suppression and fire alarms. Fire safety consultancy is a bespoke service that is tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Fire safety consultations enable customers to make informed decisions on how best to manage fire risks and ensure safety. Across the Scutum UK Group we are accredited under BAFE SP205-1, SP203-1 and a member of the FIA, allowing us to both perform a life safety fire risk assessment of your property as well as provide any necessary design of fire detection, suppression or alarm systems.

  • BAFE SP205-1, SP203-1 Accredited
  • Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments
  • Ensured Compliance with Standards
  • Professional and Practical Advice


A fire management system combines all fire safety documentation into a comprehensive document. Elite Fire’s fire safety specialists produce a tailored site specific fire safety management system for clients. The system is designed to outline any fire safety systems currently on-site, evacuation procedures and responsibilities, allowing fire safety to be managed and ensure that appropriate fire safety procedures are in place to reduce the risks of fire and ensure the safety of life and property.

Both a strategic and tactical approach to your fire safety management is provided, covering both short and long term objectives.

The team also offers training courses that include fire safety awareness, emergency evacuation and tailored courses covering fire risk assessments, log books and fire safety procedures.

  • Comprehensive Management System
  • Training Courses Available
  • Fire Safety Management Strategy
  • Evacuation Strategy
  • Fire Protection Strategy
  • Fire and Smoke Control Strategy


Surveys and audits assess clients premises for life safety, property protection and business interruption from fire.  This can range from a basic survey to ensure compliance with legislation to the development of a comprehensive fire safety report and management system.

  • Full Site Audit
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Highlighted Areas for Improvement
  • Ensured Compliance with Legislation

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