FPG’s specialist fire safety consultants provide practical, professional advice on all aspects of fire safety, fire engineering and design. We ensure legal compliance and that your people and assets are comprehensively protected.


Fire safety management is critical in protecting property and life, and is a requirement under UK Fire Safety law.

Fire safety law now requires an employer to carry out a fire risk assessment, review it regularly and take steps to prevent and minimise the impact of fire. Safety measures and emergency planning must be in place and staff must be trained and informed on fire safety.

The impact of fire can have devastating effects on the reputation, insurance premiums and profitability of any business.

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Consultancy
  • Fire Safety Management Systems & Training
  • Fire Safety Compliance Audits
  • Fire Evacuation Drill Audit
  • Fire Evacuation Plans and Strategy
  • Passive Fire Protection Surveying
  • Compartmentation Surveys
  • Fire CAD Drawings


FPG has a specialist team of fire safety and fire engineering experts, providing fire risk assessments, fire safety consultancy, fire management systems, training, audits and surveys to assist organisations and ensure that they meet the relevant fire safety obligations. We offer a targeted approach to provide exactly the fire safety support an individual business requires to protect its staff and assets.

Our team carries out surveys and audits to ensure property owners meet fire safety standards and that evacuation plans and fire drills are comprehensive and effective.

  • Comprehensive Management Systems
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Improved Fire Safety
  • Specialist Expertise
  • Fire Engineer Consultants
  • Legal Compliance
  • Fire Safety Training Courses
  • Tailored Fire Planning for Your Business

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