FPG health and safety consultants offer a comprehensive health and safety audit that provides a clear report of standards, systems and compliance across a given site. Our consultants are keenly aware of all health and safety statutory requirements that must be adhered to as well as being able to perform a life safety fire risk assessment.

As well as on-site inspections our consultants make an in depth review of your health and safety policies, procedures, log books and any other applicable documentation. If health and safety training has been highlighted as a concern we are able to assist with training courses covering fire, health and safety and manual handling.

As part of the health and safety audit we can also perform a fire risk assessment and fire compartmentation survey. For more information on those audits please see our fire safety section.

  • Ensure Health and Safety Compliance
  • Gap Analysis in Safety Policy or Practices
  • Comprehensive Report and Action Plan
  • Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Compartmentation Survey


Working conditions and circumstances always change. Management plans and health and safety precautionary measures that keep workers safe today may not sufficiently do so in the future. FPG’s specialist health and safety consultants can undertake essential regular inspections to identify new risks, solutions to mitigate those risks and provide site specific reports that ensure health and safety compliance is achieved.

  • Regular Safety Inspections
  • Identify and Mitigate New Risks
  • Comprehensive Report and Site Checklist
  • Ensured Legal Compliance

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