Our specialist fire engineers offer alternative approaches to code compliance and work with architects and authorities to engineer complex solutions that reduce fire risk and achieve design freedoms for developers.

Fire engineering is a complex and specialised discipline requiring the application of scientific and engineering principals, in depth knowledge of fire regulations, understanding the physical effects of fire and an awareness of the behaviour of people to fire, in order to protect property and life from its devastating effects. A fire engineering consultant ensures the correct measures are implemented to meet legal obligations and provide effective outcomes.

A fire engineering consultant can engineer solutions that resolve conflicts in code compliance and provide an alternative approach in circumstances where it is not possible to meet prescriptive building regulations. More cost effective approaches may be suggested that still meet essential codes of fire safety.

Alternative approaches to code compliance provide greater flexibility and freedom in the design of buildings without being hampered by prescriptive codes, as well as include solutions for multi-use developments.

Our specialist fire engineers identify a range of fire engineering solutions, negotiate with authorities, architects, design teams and provide bespoke fire safety measures and innovative engineering solutions to suit the specific fire risks of each building.

  • Alternative Solutions to Code Compliance
  • Increased Design Freedoms
  • Liasing with Architects and Authorities
  • Fire Engineering Consultancy
  • Fire, Smoke and Evacuation Modelling
  • Analysis of Fire Spread

Computational models help to highlight optimal locations for smoke venting and fans. System performance can be accurately visualised and utilised as a presentation tool for client or authority approval… >Read More

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