SP-H-DB-Optical-Smoke-Detector-300x215The SP-H/DB is a Photoelectric Fire Detector which is fully compatible with the majority of existing Conventional systems, it is also available in black which makes it ideal for nightclubs and cinemas where aesthetic detection is required.

The SP-H/DB incorporates Hochiki’s unique ‘Flat Response Technology’ removing the need to use Ionisation Detectors in the majority of applications and this also allows the Detector threshold level to be increased, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio and reducing susceptibility to false alarms.

The SP-H/DB smoke chamber is easily removed or replaced for cleaning and utilises a unique baffle design which allows smoke to enter the chamber while keeping out ambient light.

  • Flat response Chamber
  • Twin fire LED’s allow 360° viewing
  •  Removable chamber
  • Schottky mounting base
  • Low profile design with one piece cover
  • Approved to EN54 Part 7
Disposable ChamberYes
Ordering CodeSP-H/DB
Operating Voltage15-30V
Quiescent Current35μA
Max current alarm

Operating Temp. Range

-10°C to + 50°C
Storage Temp. Range-30°C to + 60°C
Maximum Humidity95%RH – Non Condensing (at 40°C)
Case MaterialABS
Height with Base46mm
Base Fixing Centers48mm through to 74mm