Sigma-XT+-Multi-Area-Gas-ExtinguishantThe XT+ 21000 series are the latest additions to the Sigma family of control equipment. The Sigma XT+ range combines feature rich, Sigma CP conventional fire detection from two to eight zones with highly configurable extinguishing control modules to provide an integrated control solution for extinguishing systems with up to four areas.

The EN54-2/4 compliant fire detection section connects to the EN12094-1 compliant extinguishant control modules via a serial link which allows secure, bi- directional transfer of data between the two.

Sigma XT+ modules may be mounted remotely in separate enclosures and connected to Sigma CP panels via this serial interface to provide central fire detection and control with distributed extinguishing systems.

  • Sigma XT+ control panels are multi-area extinguishant control panels complying with EN12094-1.
  • Up to 8 zones of conventional detection with up to 4 extinguishant areas are available.
  • Stand alone extinguishant control units are also available with 2 monitored inputs to receive initiating signals from remote
  • fire detection control panels or addressable modules.
  • Each extinguishant area has a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs and is configurable via a simple programming interface.
  • All extinguishant areas may have up to 7, serially connected Sigma Si status indication and control units or ancillary relay boards connected via a simple 4 core cable.
Panel : 2 – 8 Zones – 1-2 Areas385mm wide, 520mm high, 110mm deep
Panel : 8 Zones – 3 – 4 Areas85mm wide, 700mm high, 145mm deep
Operating Voltage230V 50Hz AC (UK) – other voltages available
Sounder Output 1st & 2nd0.5 Amp per output maximum (total current 1 Amps)