ES100 CONVENTIONAL WALL SOUNDERUtilising a nose cone that reflects sound back onto the front plate, the ES100 room sounder range gives a wide distribution of sound and is ideal for applications in corridors where a more dispersed sound is required.

Each ES100 sounder has a choice of four tones including warble, sweep and pips selected from a jumper fitted to the PCB. The continuous tone is selected via the terminal array and is also used as a second stage alarm if a third wire is fitted. Each of these tones matches our other sounder products.

A variant of the ES100, the ES100LED combines the standard features with twin high intensity LED’s. This version has an identical sound output to the standard ES100 and is ideal for applications requiring a discrete audio / visual indication. The LED’s flash alternately in synchronisation with the tone selected. The continuous override tone can be selected via the terminal array.

The ES100LED is ideal for hospital and nurse call applications where a lamp-buzzer type device is required. In addition to the ‘Fire Alarm’ text silk screened onto the front plate, the unit is designed to be wired via the continuous tone terminals and simultaneously illuminate both LED’s.

With a broad volume control specification allowing adjustment to very low sound output levels, system designers are able to locally adjust the volume setting to suit the needs of a particular environment.

  • Compact design suitable for a wide range of locations
  • Integral termination strip for ease of installation
  • Robust ABS body construction
  • May be flush mounted into a single gang box or surface mounted in a colour matched surface back box
  • ES100 – 11mA @ 24vDC
  • ES100LED – 30mA @ 24vDC
  • CE approved