The VLX (Ex d) has been specifically designed to provide very early warning smoke detection capability within hazardous area locations that may contain flammable gases. The Ex d satisfies the need of those end users who implement risk based fire-engineering practices and recognize the value of their critical assets.

The Ex d detector is approved Ex d IIB T6. The Ex d approval confirms that the enclosure can withstand an internal explosion and prevent the transmission of the explosion to the surrounding explosive atmosphere.

Gas Group IIB includes but is not limited to ammonia, propane and methanol. The T6 classification allows use of the Ex d in hazardous areas classified T1 through to T6.

The detector is housed in an Flameproof enclosure. The air inlet and exhaust ports provide Ex d protection through the use of Flame Arrestors.

  • Europe: II3 G EEx d IIB T6 approved
  • Ex d approved Flame Arrestors to protect Inlet & exhaust Ports
  • Absolute smoke detection
  • Wide Alarm Threshold Sensitivity range
  • VESDAnet connectivity
  • AutoLearnTM
  • Referencing
  • Three alarm levels
  • Programmable Relays
  • Arflow monitoring
  • Remote display and relay capability
  • Simple mounting design
  • Hinged door
Dimensions Normal Enc490 H x 358 W x 209 D
Aspirator mA335mA (360mA in Alarm)
Power Supply24v 3 Amp Switch Mode
PipeUp to 50m of pipe or 2 x 30m
Weight44 Kg
Serial ports1 x RS232
IP RatingIP 66