Graphical systems allow for a site plan to be displayed to show every device on the system. When a device is activated, the screen will ‘jump’ to that floor plan and display with relevant messages the system response to that event. Isolation of devices can be made from the PC.


Advanced-Graphical-Systems-3The Advanced Graphical Control Software is a highly configurable solution to customers requiring presentation of their sites via a Graphical method.

End users are presented with site maps, buttons, text, and images to easily monitor, navigate, and control the fire alarm equipment installed on-site.

Simple control buttons permit the user to Enable/Disable field devices, and can also provide a means for Silence/ Reset functionality. Analogue values can also be obtained from all field devices via the menu selections.

The software also includes an extensive History Log to monitor all activations received, and can be easily analysed using the extensive search methods available.

The software provides a cost effective solution for all types of installation, and is suitable for use with single panel to multi-site applications.

  • Standard ‘Windows®’ based PC application
  • Ad-NeT Network Compatible
  • Windows providing Graphics, Text, or Event
  •  List User friendly Configuration
  • Event & Alarm History
  • Zoom Graphical / Symbol Control