The ABEAM is commissioned by following a very simple procedure. You will easily align the beam having full confidence that the beam has correctly aligned itself on the centre of the reflector.

Adjust thresholds
The ABEAM’s sensitivity is fully adjustable between 25 and 50%.

Check contamination compensation
The ABEAM will automatically compensate for a build up of dust over the lenses. From the LCD display you can check the current status and only clean the lenses when required.

  • 5 – 40, 40-80 and 80-100m range
  • Small flat reflector(s)
  • Requires Low Cost 24v supply
  • Automatic Alignment capability
  • Automatic compensation
  • Electronically Addressed via module (POM)
  • Approved to EN54 Part 5

Time to fire and fault
The ABEAM time to fire can be adjusted in 1 second increments between 1 and 30 seconds, and the time to fault can be adjusted anywhere between 1 to 60 seconds.

Change latching mode
The ABEAM relays can be set to latch on alarm or auto reset depending on your individual requirement.

Turn on and off
The ABEAM can be individually switched off if required. Should you forget to turn it back on it will resume normal operation after 8 hours.

Self test
The ABEAM can be tested from ground level as part of routine maintenance.

Event count
The ABEAM will record how many times it has fallen in to fault or fire since last reset.

Full diagnostics
The ABEAM has a full in depth diagnostics facility, that can be accessed if required in conjunction with our technical help department. From here you can even find out the temperature of the beam head.