• Very low power consumption means more sounders per loop e.g. 200 system sounders per loop compared to 40
  •  The strobe option is equivalent to a standard 3w xenon strobe and uses 1/20th of the power
  • The strobe element of the sounders is fully monitored for circuit failures
  • The sounder tones are programmed in exactly the same way as the existing Vigilon sounders
  • Loop powered voice enhanced sounders are available in the range
  • 4 voice phrases and a bell sound are available as standard
  • By using the bell sound in the voice sounder it is possible to have a loop powered bell
  • The sound producing element in the voice sounders is monitored every hour using a VLF tone
  • Voice and Tone mode can be freely mixed within the same sounder
  • All messages and strobe signals are synchronised across loops in the same control panel
  • Complements the S-Quad sensor with voice messages and complex sound signals
  • A backwards compatible version of the system sounder is available for replacement or expansion to existing systems, avoiding the need to upgrade panel software
  • The HandiLink remote control makes it much easier to adjust the sounders in situ
  • Products incorporate innovative design features for which multiple patents are pending
  • High intensity flashing strobe conforms to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 legislation