A Day in the Life of Colin Fleming

“This week I have travelled to Israel to compete in the Electra Israel Open – a $125,000 event on the ATP Challenger Tour. The tournament is being held in Raanana, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is not the easiest place to fly to from Scotland and I eventually got to my hotel at 3AM on Monday morning after 2 roasting hot Turkish Airlines flights via Istanbul – some air con would have been nice! I think the taxi driver from the airport also fancied himself as a Formula 1 driver which wasn’t ideal!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive about travelling to Israel but since arriving I have enjoyed my time here. It has been beautiful sunshine everyday which helps although the traffic on the roads is a nightmare – our bus journey to the venue takes up to 90 mins in rush hour.

With the doubles event starting on Tuesday, we had a day of recovery and practice on Monday. We then won our first round match so play our 2nd round today (Wednesday). Hoping we improve each day and can have a successful run here.”